Evidens™ Services


Free of charge, we offer to:

  • Understand your needs and your objectives for the data collection
  • Define with you what data to collect     
  • Show you a demo of the selected tool
  • Tailor/configure the tool in accordance with your request
  • Support in protocol writing and data analysis on a case-by-case basis
  • Provide IT support during the installation for the configuration of the software on a case by case basis

Partnership Model

Roche provides Evidens™ solutions (Evidens™ or Clarum) to a hospital, institution, or non-profit organisation under a royalty-free license agreement.

  • General rules of the partnership

    Evidens™ solutions cannot be provided to individual healthcare professionals, but to their corresponding hospital, institution, or organisation. The partnership should be:

    • Consistent with any applicable laws and regulations
    • Not for the purpose of promoting any ROCHE product or service
    • Not contingent on the purchase, supply or recommendation of any ROCHE products
    • Not intended for personal benefit or use
    •  Intended to enhance patient care and/or benefiting public health
  • Ownership of the software

    The RECIPIENT has no proprietary rights in and to the SOFTWARE. The RECIPIENT acknowledges and agrees that Roche retains all copyrights and other proprietary rights in and to the SOFTWARE. Use within the scope of this license is free of charge and no royalty or licensing fees are paid by the RECIPIENT.


    In case of EVIDENS™, the data elements included in the tool according to the RECIPIENT’s own need belong to the RECIPIENT and will not be shared without the prior written consent of the RECIPIENT and will be deleted from Roche server maximum 6 months following the delivery of the SOFTWARE.


    For CLARUM and REVELA, the full configuration including the data elements belongs to Roche.

  • IT Support

    On a case by case basis, Roche may provide further IT support or medical advice to assist the final configuration of the software.

  • Data support and data ownership

    No support from Roche can be provided for the data collection or The recipient is the controller and owner of the data. Roche has no influence on the data collection.

  • Data collection

    Roche is not involved in any patient's data collection with any Evidens™ solution licensing. As the recipient will collect patient's data, it is the recipient's responsibility to comply with local laws, if any, e.g. to obtain patient consent prior to any data collection and/or use and obtain all the necessary approvals (regulatory authority, IRB/IEC, as applicable). The data is stored in the database hosted either on the recipient's own infrastructure or on a third-party infrastructure selected by the recipient. The recipient is the controller of the patient's data collected. 

Evidens™ Model

Configure a customised disease registry for any disease area (e.g. rare disease, autoimmune disease)

Clarum Model

Adapt an existing disease registry template according to your precise needs. Clarum already offers ready-to-use templates for: Multiple Sclerosis, Oncology, COVID-19 and many other diseases. More templates are always being added.

Evidens™ Solutions: Processes

From the first contact to real-world evidence in just a few steps.


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