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Case Study: Understanding the obstacles facing breast cancer patients in Albania

The situation caused by COVID-19 carries mental health implications which if left untreated can have long-term consequences.

Several studies have considered people diagnosed with breast cancer as one of the most vulnerable groups. For this reason, free online psychological counselling is available in Albania.

Evidens™ allowed the collection and accurate organisation of the information received from women and girls, who are interested in receiving psychological counselling online.

It is used not only for efficient data management but also for highlighting the progress that has been made during therapy.







1.  Juanjuan L, et al. Patient reported outcomes of breast cancer patients during the COVID-19 outbreak in the epicenter of China: A cross sectional survey study. Clin Breast Cancer. 2020 Jun 7.

“The instructions provided by Roche were clear and helpful. The tool is secure and easy to use, especially for managing patient data, data entry and accesses to the tool.”

Administrator, customized Evidens™ solution in Albania